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Convenient Last mile & Short distance Mobility

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Hexi Bike-share

Non-motorised transport

Bicycle sharing is an integral part of public transport for most smart cities, which helps connect commuters with long distance public transport modes like the metro or bus, helping people to get around, with a non-polluting, environment friendly vehicle that is also good for your health. The humble bicycle solves many problems of urban transport including congestion and pollution, as well as enabling a better off take of public transport modes.
The Hexi bike-share model comprises of smart bikes with latest technology features and geo-fenced bicycle stations. The most important part of the system is an intelligent AI based redistribution mechanism, that helps place bikes where people need them the most. Although it appears as a normal simple bicycle, the system uses cutting edge technology which silently operates in the background, giving users a convenient, safe and low-cost ride.

The Future is Electric and it is Now!
Hexi E-bikes use the latest technology available in terms of cycles as well as Lithium Ion batteries, which help you get the fastest, smoothest ride and the same convenient sharing system that you have been used to with the normal Hexi bicycles.
Farther, Faster, Easier

Rapidly growing cities need smarter, integrated, non polluting modes of public transport especially for short distance, first and last mile commute.

Common I Connected I Convenient I Congestion Free I Clean I Charged I Cutting Edge

Delivery Bikes Network

Over 500,000 Hexi users have traveled to the moon and back thrice in the last one year!
We salute all these lovely people who have made this possible!

Transport and Mobility

The Last Mile Revolution

New technologies and business models providing Interconnected vehicles, data-driven shared solutions, autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport systems, are changing the way we explore our cities. We are at the forefront of this change, using innovative products and methods to navigate the complex requirements of last-mile and short distance transport in the Indian landscape, providing bike-share solutions, electric vehicles in the E-rickshaw and E-auto space, as well as developing scooter sharing and other modes of transport in an increasingly multi-modal world. 

About Us

We are a transportation technology company, headquartered in Gurgaon India. Addressing the First and Last mile connectivity problems for Smart cities and cities of the future by developing innovative solutions, using bicycles, electric vehicles and other means of environment friendly transport.

A joint venture between Hero Cycles and Youon Technologies, who are leading cycle manufacturing and operating companies in the world, we have dock based as well as dock-less bike share operations and our solutions are customised for the cities as well as the universities, commercial and industrial campuses that we operate in. Extensive research and development in various technologies and business models, keeps us at the forefront of last mile transportation solutions in India and worldwide.
We share a deep concern for the environment and promote the use of non motorised transport , connected through intelligent AI systems, enabling smart technology solutions, to solve our everyday problems of efficient, safe and reliable transportation.



My heartiest congratulation to Team Hexi for executing Public Bicycle Sharing project in Nashik Smart City. 1,000 smart bicycle are placed strategically at 100 spots in the city. Aimed at making Nashik greener city, the initiative has been accepted very well and one can see from students to working professionals on Hexi Bicycles. The essence of a smart city is in the use of technology to improve the citizen’s quality of life and today Hexi bicycles have become part of everybody’s life not only for economic short distance commute but also improving people’s and city’s health.
We encourage people of Nashik to use bicycles and make Nashik Smart City Bicycle Share as one of the most successful bicycle share project in India.

Prakash Thavil, CEO

Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited

I loved the Hexi bicycle sharing project in Jabalpur city...I was waiting for it eagerly and wish you all the best.

Sugandha Dubey

I had to walk a long distance in my university and than one magical moment happened. I saw Hexi cycles and my life changed!

Honey Joshi

The Hexi bicycles in Visakhapatnam are very nice. The App is user friendly and especially the App UI is just awesome.


Sai Sumanth Reddy

Contact Us

Hero Youon Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, Augusta Point, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001 India

Ph: +91-7528 810 000

Email: support@hexi.co.in

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